Saturday, January 3, 2009

Thats the fray..

Thats right..The blogosphere now has one more voice echoeing into the dark pixelated space..aww yeah. Soo what seems like a good start..Well I figger that a plug in for the new sponsor for me is in order and that would be the Bike Rack...They are a DC shop right in NW proper and their stuff is moderate to high end ..not commuter stuff so much but got some for y'all too. But nuff bout that...the shop will be putting some of the needy into a position to get into races with less struggle monetarilly as long as you can justify sponsorship. Wow concept. meaning...fours have to deal with their own entry for now and even threes...We have all been there and I have never met a above cat 2 that got paid entrys to race..but I have been a cat one since 95' as I recall. My point is that it is great there is now another team on the block regardless of its current size so that more dynamics in the field can be seen. Especially in the years to come. This picture is from 94' and it is kinda cool because it gets the look of the fourth place guy tweaking over the mighty shove pushing him off the podium at the CSC cat I race. Some ex Navigator pro rolled off for the solo win and this team of californians executed the sprint with my man Jay Moglia also winding it up for myself. As one can see I am sandwiched somewhat between the two Californians and glad to at least spoil their 2nd and 3rd spots in our town.

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  1. Correction ..the shot is of a race in 04' bad.