Thursday, January 15, 2009

Russell , Jay , Zach n myself

We all were messengers. The newspaper photo was of a bunch of messengers circling the inner loop around the fountain. The dude on the right of Al Bone (center) , wearing arm warmers and a messenger bag is Russ. He still has the tattoo (visible on right leg ) but was just another dude then as far as publicity , in fact this might be the first time for him in the paper. I love the shot of me and my comrades in downtown Miami post race. We had a good weekend racing with some top twenty action and some end of season night life. I have soo many pics that will come forward now that I can scan them on the computer. The Russ shot was 96'... I am pretty sure I won that event and we went to Adams Morgan afterwards and the post race party was at the old Madams Organ at 18 th and Fla. . Back when the owner Bill Duggan was human and not a total arrogant bastard like he is now. Messenger races are a crapshoot and who knows...just enter..hope to come out fine..and have fun afterwards. Those r the rules.


  1. shit i just wrote a bunch of stuff and it all just went away. Anyway, keep writing stuff about back in the day and old times and shit, that's interesting. The perspective of a cat-1 racer is also interesting so you have that going for you. You should also join the gamjams ambassador network to drive traffic to your blog. You can add links to other blogs by choosing the customize tab on the administration page of your blog. I'll add a link to your blog on mine.

  2. I appreciate the feedback and advice Greg. Thanks.

  3. Nice pic. I just happened to be in Miami that weekend conducting an extra terrestial fitness seminar, and was lucky enough to catch that race. It was the Pro Cycling Tour Grand Finale (2002 I believe but not sure). Those messenger kids were on fire, riding for NCVC at the time and showing how a low budget, or below budget, grass routes cycling squad gets it done. A three man wrecking crew. The crafty David against the burly sponsored Goliathes.
    Chris Horner had joined up with Prime Alliance that year along with Jonas Carney. The decisive move of the day went early and stayed away with Horner taking the win ahead of Brice Jones (Mercy Cycling) and Roberto Gagioli (Defeat)
    The course was a rollicking multiturn multi surfaced romp of a crit through downtown Miami and along the water in Bayside Park. On corral walking paths, across hotel drive entrances and under Monorails. A cool technical speed fest. It also rained the first half of the race giving the corral surfaces a nice slick sheen!
    Once the winning move was gone sub moves started forming. This is when Schmidt and Browne set Moglia up for the successful bridge as they gamely shut doors on the front.
    The final spots were thus; 4. Jonas Carney, Prime Alliance. 5. Kevin Monahan, 7 UP Colorado Cyclist. 6. Andrew Crater, Reality 7. Antonio Cruz, US Postal. 8. Mike Zingaro, Mercy Cycling Team. 9. Steven Mlujeak, Jamis 10. Jay Moglia, NCVC/Spokes.
    Schmidt and Browne came up good in the field sprint notching money spots in the ten grand 25 places event.
    That might be why those boys are smiling...

  4. Yes your memory serves you proper on this one..the field was strong there I think because there is a party afterwards..and it is Miami. Nice result there no doubt.