Sunday, January 11, 2009

Computer illiterate ( almost illiterate in general)

Right now I am somewhat frustrated (bc I am not well endowed .... someones frustrated ?) ha ha but no I am frustrated bc I am not endowed with the ability to figure out these computers w/o the desire or overwhelming need to simply get up and do something I can do..I.E. the blog mystery is still just that..I want to know why it is called a blog and also how do I have blogs I read(too much a lil maybe) on my site soo others can go there from my spot...and also I want to maybe be able to find my site via a search w/o having to scroll down joel Gwads blog to where he was kind enuff to plug in my feeble attempt into the blog universe. I could call my twin brother and ask for help but that would require doing just that. ;) not an option in the current climate(just kidding...constant climate..) It would infer an inability of mine and obviously that is not doable...just bc he is paid to do computer upkeep and support does not mean he should be...does that make I might call him.

I just did 91 minutes on the wind trainer with the help of the Ipod and Phillip Gilberts epic solo after he spent his teammate who did a fantastic effort to bridge. Het Volk and Ghent was in the turkey day spoils this year and I must confess..I was ecstatic to get a dvd of race footage bc I get tired of fast forwarding through those relentless saab commercials from le Tour. Speaking of which I was priviledged to shake 5 th place dude Christian VanDevelde at the ING jimminy..nice guy. Hope he improves on his top five. But yeah if anyone has suggestions on how to do the blog thing easier and mo better inform me pls. but right now I think there are about three people at best who scope out my site.

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