Monday, September 24, 2012

The Sun is the same in a relative way, but youre older

    I love cycling.  The energy of racing and just training is great.  I am convinced that the need to ride is associated with a feeling of freedom.  Freedom from the demands that the office requires or the business       
demands.  I havent raced this year, but I will be at the Apple Cross in Winchester this weekend.  I will suck a$$ but it will be a humble, painfull reminder of the true benefit of racing.  Not the glamour of results but the rendering of ones muscles for new growth and invigoration of life.
    This post is truly a simple thank you, to all my friends.  Plus a nod to the not so great friends that have helped me along the way in developing those legs, and my mindset which says " deal with it ". Thanks . ( I might find an appropriate pic soon, patience is a virtue)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Fighting Spirit

The theme of soo many sporting events centers on the will to drive on. To push beyond the impossible and to give the remaining fight needed to get the edge. I have seen a lot of this in the sport of cycling and it always reminds me to do the same. I dont need a lot of reminders from others about the spirit to continue on but once in awhile it helps.
When I was given the chance to do the Redlands Classics in 2004, which also was the olympic qualifiers, the glimpse of another persons struggle to win was witnessed. Chris Horner was a fovorite in this event and the other teams knew it. Therefore when he let a group of maybe 6 go he mistakenly expected help from other teams but got none. He waited too long to go after it and the chase was too far to close. Maybe he made a mistake and I am sure he learned from it. The fighting spirit for him was rekindled because out of a huge field there was no help to be gotten. Many lost there chance that day because they thought the whole thing rested on his shoulders. I was given a lesson on how pros will do one another, and I am sure Mr. Horner did as well. He has not raced there since. Earlier he was a regular with like 9 prior attended entrees. Sometimes you just have to move on. He did. I think he might be my favorite American cyclist and his name is cool. Heres to the future of Chris and to the future of cycling in America. May it not look over its shoulder to decide if it should go forward!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year to All

The New Year has arrived and I look forward to it. This will be the year where great things will come to be. The economy will improve and it will be reflected in the race scene. Races will not be canceled and turnouts will be huge. Sponsors will offer bigger and better dollars to provide support. The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow will be larger.
Blogging has been postponed for a bit because of working alot and other distractions, but the bicycle has always been a great stress reliever for me. Therefore I am committed to getting out and doing more miles in 2012. My hope for this season is to be more prepared in advance of each race instead of too much last minute pre race preperation. The wish with this post is to simply offer my congratulations to all who plan on entering into this year intending on sticking with the race program and not succumbing to watering down their racing plans. I applaud the effort i.e. Thanks for reading and pedal safe.