Monday, January 19, 2009

Isolation and strength

I do not like the bridges being closed. The desire to come into the city is sorta hard to accomplish when they do this. I would like to go to Haines Point in order to ride but it not an option. I assume the bridges will be open again on wednesday so we can see the lovely district and exit before sundown. I hear it can be frightening after dark.

These short, cold, dark days are hard enough and to keep me in Virginia...well that seems extra cruel. One more day and we will have the next president installed and than he will find the walls closing in on him. Granted they will be nice executive walls but the scrutiny and the lack of freedom will certainly be stronger in many ways. I am excited that he was chosen by the people and I hope he bears the weight of our country's problems gracefully and diplomaticly. Let us wish him the best of luck to the benefit of us all. Grant him the strength of a rhino.


  1. Hey, I'll see you at the point tommorrow. I have not riden since last Tuesday so take it easy on me.

  2. I copy that ,..roger. I think it is your turn to post sumpin. Maybe include a photo from Sacremento.