Monday, October 28, 2013

Scorpio Mentality

     I give all to my team when racing and I always appreciate the better rider on my team on any given day.   That being said,  there was a day when I felt seriously slanted and unappreciated by my teammates bc they said I was kicked off the team, at a little town in Delaware ( the capitol actually) So I made it my mission to prove that day they made a serious mistake.  I basically worked with all the other teams and made a serious problem for NCVC to get any progress at all.  In the last lap there was a guy up the road who me and my ex teammate could have easily caught if I wanted to help, but I simply rode his wheel , just desserts.  He was so pissed when he lost he tried to complain to the official.  I didnt gain any love from the group mentality of NCVC.  

Get Some

   The best way to overcome adversity is to tell yourself if you don't mind, it doesn't matter.  A guy I work with always says that.  There are many challenges in life,  the biggest often come from other people.  Remember your mission in the race or time of year and don't lose track because of better results then expected, or worse, or other riders talking smack.  I always take a pull regardless of who is in the move or my status with the team.  It's honorable and forget the motto, your only as good as your last race.  It should go like .. You're only as good as you're word.. If you say you will work in a break then , do so.  I think most riders in a break deserve you're honesty.  If you're a sprinter then that sucks for the break if it's like 20 to go.  Their job then is to dump you if they can.  Anyway,  I have seen guys say they won't sprint after doing nothing and do the opposite.. I guess that just reflects their lack of integrity.  Racing is tough and so is life, so remember.. All deals can be bulls:'t and all people have is their word.  The bottom line is if you don't mind; it don't matter.  This is a philosophy that will help carry one thru the moral quagmire that racing can be sometimes.