Sunday, January 11, 2009

January Landscaping

Recently I have been busy with creating mulch beds, removing unwanted Ivy , and proposing spring tree and shrub installations. I am also going to build a shed and demolish the existing one. I am glad to report that I am doing work with the new fledgling company and not delivering pulp for the barristers to garner money from their ultimate threat mail. I wonder if being the bearer of bad news sometimes rubs off some of the bad Kharma onto the messenger... another story.
The fact that I am still doing landscape work (though shed construction is more carpentry) tells me that things do work out even if skeptisism lurks. Have been mired in work and other distractions keeping me from training much but well last year I was certainly worst off and basicly jumped into racing after RFK (did RFK but placed 33rd..and did Pulaski where at lap 19 to go I was cooked.those hardly count)
I have a nice pressure washer that has not been employed this year and I am contemplating tying a cup onto it and a sign that reads will work for fuel.

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