Tuesday, January 6, 2009


We all have choices...face it... deal with it ...,Ignore it..whats best.?
With love there is no choice.?..we love riding .!..soo we are drawn to the pull/...there is no//stop// you might ..try ..you might tell the wife you will kill the jones and you know inside you are lying to yourself .. so maybe the best thing to do is to embrace what you love with the one you love ...and if that is not able to be merged ,.. than decide whice one grasps you more..isolation without fear is one thing and fear of isolation is another..I crave results and i want a signifficant other that can respect that..not a lot to ask ...as men ...as women ...give yourself that option...sacrifice rocks and that is sometimes the make or break difference. Basic Stoic perspective.


  1. It's the sounnnnds of sccciennnnce.......
    Keep it going on the steady, jack. The tangles, the angles - all up for grabs to escavate/illuminate/anililate/perpatrate - something like that - round robin, merry go round, fun house, hall of mirrors thing with you in the saddle (or the scope) and the arrows just keep coming savage or gracefull depending on how much we can see them - how much of the data we can read and how much we want to read - it's not like it is all just one big bar code but there ARE the monikers and then the actual items and physical realities - how much we measure and acknowledge that at least begins our versions - good to see you on the internets, guy!

  2. The cyclone has spoken and an amen...must get through jan. Than longer days at least ...mountains in the mind and on the phisical horizon. Transcendental images and so on. CS

  3. Hi Chris,nice pics looking good.Good luck with the racing!