Monday, January 12, 2009

A Rock Star on the Ten Oclock

I was reminded a bit ago via a email of a ride on the Ten Oclock which was somewhat memorable. this was a few years ago and as we were rolling along , maybe after the church, I saw someone I did not recognize. He seemed to have a clue though and he did have a fly bike so I took it upon myself to begin giving this stranger some advice on the loop and some of the highlights like Esworthy and turns up ahead...stuff that might be nice to know if on the ride for the first time. Soo after the ride this dude survived, rather well, ...we were talking in the park and I was asking what his situation was ? he said he was touring with his band and he had just come from Harpers Ferry area where he did some show and some good riding. I was like soo where do you keep the titanium ride ?...and he said "oh it gets its own bed on the bus..." I was like ok and by the way what band are you in and he said he was in "The Wallflowers ". I was clueless but a guy listening in was real surprised and excited... Soo turns out he was Michael Ward (lead guitarist) and strong cyclist. We stopped in for some chinese in the Morgan and he offered to put me on the guest list plus one (which means my girl could also get in free..) we went and they played their set and afterward the band came out and we all drank at the bar (minus Jacob Dylan ) and talked while Cheryll Crow played her set. The guitarist -cyclist was real cool and I was giving him props on his playing and how cool it must be to be going to the White House for dinner. He was nice enuff to say to my plebian self that he was also impressed with my cycling and that winning a race for him would be a great accomplishment. Too bad the band is not around no more. I realize the song "one head light " was good but played too much on the air. Cest la vie,..

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