Saturday, May 7, 2011


Now I realize that the image most have of me may be less then that of a courteous guy, but, still I am going to point out a few things on the topic anyway.
The ten oclock today spurred me to write this post. In case you dont realize my meaning as to the reference to the ten oclock, it is the ten oclock TRAINING ride ( not race ) that starts on Beach Dr. above Pierce mill north just a bit. Soo today there were two things that miffed me. First item of contention for me was the sudden burst of speed that my good buddy Chuck put on the whole way up Tuckermann Dr. barely out of Rock Creek. I realize its not my place to rectifty ones effort but I want to say the ride has always been one where there is an idea of inclusion for the masses at least up to the top of said hill . Why you might ask? Because it is courteous. A concept indeed and not a rule but it is only being human. I wouldnt bother with this portion of my rant if it was the first time for the massive elite body that is XO comm. or Harley but its not. I got on Sean B. for this same display of machismo before and obviously to no avail. I dont get it. Theres plenty of hills to go and they will certainly reduce the masses on their own. Sorry about my streak of honesty but I think its a little lame. No it didnt really hurt me phisically too much but I sympathise for others. There I said it. I feel better.
now...the real meat of my posts content lies in an entirely different issue which was flagrently displayed on todays ride. The idea that we cyclists deserve the whole road. We DONT. There is a law on the books stating that if you are going the speed limit or near it as a cyclist then you can take the whole road. Otherwise move to the right and let the kings of the road do their thing...or suffer the consequences and dont cry about right or wrong if youre hit or verbally abused. Again...I am sure some will say that I am not the one to say anything as far as my regard to the law...but still I am. I am embarrassed by my fellow cyclists behavior today and especially a teammate of mine who was on the front of the group and riding just barely to the right of the yellow line as though he were a suburban reincarneted. I tried to tell them to move over and of course I was ignored. This sort of attitude/stupidity is what brings the community of avid cyclist a bad name and creates a negative stigma. One which I cant say is wrong in this context or situation. Why do it ? Ride the yellow line. Is it a I deserve the road also sort of mentality ? I pay taxes thinking ? i WANT TO KNOW. Hospitals I avoid. Fights with bigger bodies , animated or inanimate, I also avoid. As a ex messenger I have seen a lot of uncalled for situations and sort of hate crimes against cyclists and its not pleasant, so lets try to avoid creating more animosity please. There , I am done. No hard feelings to any mentioned individuals really but lets work together on this thing called life and the notion of individual rights.