Thursday, May 6, 2010

Speed Week

Well Athens was wet and pouring but not cold...though afterwards i was cold . The event was hard. The first half spent trying to move up and avoiding crashes and closing small gaps. The second half was spent tring to move up mstaying upright avoiding crashes and closing gaps. SEven or eight went away. Whatever . The race ended with me getting 24 th, the last lap i avoided hitting a down rider in the last turn...but i idid hit his drops which made me receiver a nice bruise with the wrist being braced by the bars and impacting the arm ,,...blah blah i stayed up and crossed the line ...upright thankj god and truly spent....whew,...oh there was a computrainer even i got second in my heat with maybe a average watts of 400 give or take for 8 mins,.,..boring sorta but a graph was there and a wattage indicator soo that was my first time to see me on a device like that,...i will post later on the rest of the fun down there but cant type too much...i am on pain killers bc i broke my scapula at sandy springs on the lkast lap . u can see crash on cycling fun


  1. dude, you broke your freaking shoulder blade? never heard that one, but guessing it really really sucks. hope you heal fast.