Thursday, February 18, 2010

Haymarket/Homevisit opens doors for 2010

I am happy to report that I have landed on a large squad that will be of great inspiration and motivation to me for 2010. The new setup will be getting on the road and to big events. I am gonna be challenged and this will be a great chance to get involved in something which has large aspirations. Good times.
The bunch went with most in tow ( maybe 8 guys )to the Wolfpack RR weekend of which Steven Gordon won. He is rolling as well as quite a few of the others right now. sorta scary ,..The team is very motivated and to lock in a win is a good tension relief in some ways. Of course they was unawares of the strength being brought to the table.
I am psyched and the charity cause is a solid effort to put ones self behind. The range and diversification alone which comprises the team is interesting. I wont get into all the details of the roster but it is impressive in its array. Trade zone should be a good regional exposure for the team.