Friday, May 7, 2010

Beaufort Course of speed week series..

The Beaufort Course is tuff because the start/ stop is short enuff to have to quickly slow down after jamming it up to around 30 mph... It Has, as the first turn a really narrow funnel into a tight one lane alley like road entrance, where one better have his ducks in order to get thru here with speed. To bomb it one had better mind the reflective plastic item laid in the asphalt yellow line center or apex of the turn,... that is raised, in order to add dimension to the already hard to navigate course. I was off the front with another rider and the gap was like ten seconds to the two up the road. About seven guys bridged up and came thru fast, just before the tuff first turn was to be negotiated. I picked up the speed and grabbed the flying by express, but i did also slide out bc of said reflective pop,into that darn infamous turn which later in the race caused about 30 riders to go to the pit bc of a crash and having to stop, ( hard turn ).. ....well the rest of the race sucked bc i was all dinged up and my skewer was loose which meant another dismount .i was bout to jump back in to the race after pit stop # 2 bc of big pile up....when i realized my skewer was loose and i had to tighten it and i was chasing the race for twelve laps after the poor pit stop ,...I was a dumb ass and I should have stayed in the pit longer to get the bike right. live n learn,...Beaufort has been hard for me to get a good result at. One day I will do well there. I finished like 60 th and DFL. Again. ..last year there I was also in a crash in that turn where I hit a downed rider and I was subsequently lapped and ,....damn beaufort,...

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