Tuesday, May 11, 2010

`Walterboro criterium

The course for this one is narrow along the star stop but this isn't a big deal bc the last turn narrows into the last stretch so it isn't really noticed. The other sections of this race are wide and very open soo the course is maneuverable...different from much of the rest of thr series. The notable fear for this one is the dark section where the backside stretch which gets fast and precarious at some points. The turn is not hard to do but just some bunching and darkness...soo a different angle . The finish is not far from the last turn . The midway prime came and I happened to be near the front close enuff to be able to go with any jump. The jump came from R Bahati himself and I did not hesitate...and it paid off. The power of Rashaan was not to be pulled in but I did stay away for second in the midway prime race...the recovery was not too bad to obtain. The 17 th place for finish was excellent and I was stoked..

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