Friday, May 7, 2010


The day after Athens is a criterium in Roswell. It is more like a circuit with a long start/stop stretch and on the backside there is a slight rise with a bottle necking at the crest,.. soo this narrowing after the crest goes into a left turn ,,the narrowing always leads to riders bunching up big time and into the turn it is a lil hairy with over decelleratioin and squeeling carbon fiber rims. positioning here is key, stay at the front ,...not easy bc the start line stretch each lap reads speeds at like 33 all day soo the sprint out of the final turn onto long strip is full on and the speed whips around into first turn wo hesitation bc turn one and two are basicly combined and fast leading into the small climb which does sap speed easily but one can move up here and i was using the hill for that ...Roswell is hard bc it is fast and bc it is after Athens. I was not feeling well and i placed like 51 st .

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