Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Long Road

We all know the transition from one season to the next can be rough. The cold hampers ones motivation. The time off from racing can extend more then was intended and become an issue. There is the shorter daylight hours which demand one look at the wind trainer longer then a passing "you suck" thought and consider mounting the iron maiden. Soo lets see ....too long resting, too cold, and shorter days coupled with multi family events where the contest is to overfeed the most. One can easily understand why it is possible for someone to lose focus.
The upside of this, break in the cycle, is possibly better relations with loved ones and a more well deserved paycheck. Hypotheticals. I also believe this is a good time to decide on how your goals as a cyclist compare with the goals of the bunch you have linked up with over the past year or season (or whatever length of time really) .
If something feels forced it probably is. For example. I was interested in a new team to ride for in 2009 and The Bike Rack ( the shop not the team) seemed to be an appropriate business to try to strike up an arrangement with. I sent a letter stating goals and results and my desire to captain an elite team basicly...or try to begin one. I was unaware ,at the time, that the shop did not run the team and that they would be a seperate entity to deal with. (the team) Soo even though the shop was down,.. there was still the club which came off with a less then stoked perspective. I was circumnavigating usual routes and toes were stepped on I guess. Or whatever. My perspective ? Just trying to piece together something. theirs ? who is this clown.
Lets leave behind 2008 nostalgia and onto 2009 before thats in the past too. (as most readers realize I did race on the Bike Racks team last year so a treaty was drawn for a minute) Its December 2009 and almost over.( I did garner some NRC results..or procritseries points .. ) The DVR team is undecided. They have entangling red tape which is hard to see over. The shop is being patient but the idea is for me to push them. (the club to decide on something) At this point I am frustrated because the feeling of a forced relationship has not dissippated but rather grown. The two promising newly upgraded cat twos on the team/club went onto another squad and more help.
The bottom line here is help. We all need help. There is nothing wrong with asking for help. Unless you circumnavigate the powers that be.
( I will dig around for a good pic for this promises but taking suggestions) Haymarket is booked. I have no idea where the restructuring of harley has led but it seems to still exist. (not an option 4 me) Jared suggested Richmond Pro but that is far away and seems like much volunteer time if possible. Kelly..? umm not sure but Baltimore aint close for training rides neither. Rick Norton is a hammer and he would be good to ride with again. ( Pedro, Nima, Rick, and me raced together on Evolution) Maybe Bear Dog llc will have to be a club and get sponsors who are positive 100 percent where their interests lie. I cant understand any reason why a team/club would want to isolate themselves to a certain category realm unless they are simply clandestine or reclusive. Spitefull could never be the case.

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