Monday, July 27, 2009

Lost River Rocked

There was fun 4 everyone and more nature then one could shake a stick at. I was late and got some warm up but not enough for the attack pace set early,...I was like whatever,...hills are tuff and to go soo fast soo early will pop many and I will just reel in the dropped guys and create a strong chase ,...which sorta worked out but the race stopped for us one lap short,...but the gap was big and who stuff and free west Va rocks for the yard patio or aquarium yes poaching rocks did not happen...? soo the race was tuff,.. i was dropped in first lap and Rugg crashed ,..lame soo the Rugg bridged me and another rider pretty fast ,like a lap later. after dropping chain/over bar incident,....hate when this occurs..(.at least Rugg was safe on a climb with less speed and danger then messenger days when a droppped chain could mean death)The group was established in our individual contribution climbers climbed , descenders went down faster and time trialers went hard on everywhere and so on... Rugg, Paul Lingerman NCVC, Ramone Benitez Immediate, Brian Fouche ABRT and another in yellow( Dallas sponsor ?) worked well together We all had good times I believe. Thx to all who helped make it happen,..NICE


  1. It really was a great time overall. Riding with you is awesome and I look forward to all the races to come. I'll have a new bike by Page Valley ;)

  2. cool Tim glad you agree,..ditto