Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday blahs

I dont know. Is it the heat. Is it my recent and inexplicable swollen eyelid( sounds strange but I visit the eye doctor tomorrow, ! ) Possibly it is the lame ass results in the last two races..though I know I have done zero riding lately soo ...I dont know. Maybe I just want to let out a big public WAAAA oh also Easton rear wheel bearings have been making soo much noise I simply didnt really try yesterday ( Page Valley )because I couldnt handle the thought of listening to my bike for 63 more miles ( or more comments from annoyed/concerned riders)....Mechanicals this year have been over the top compared to other seasons. Anyway, I hope alls well with everyone and that this read hasnt been too painfull. public whine officially concluded. WAAA ok now its official.

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