Friday, July 17, 2009


THE Iron Hill Twilight Criterium is a an awesome race. It is in West Chester Pa. and the course is pretty wide and fast. The start for this year had a 250 $ prime on the first lap which Evan Fader got. Next lap was 100 $ which Evan got. Nice,..CHA CHING He went on further a few more and when he was caught Russ Langley went for the counter and was gone ..(.apparently)as I was about two thirds of the race further back. He went and Tom Soladay went in persuit after him ,Dave Fuentes and others in tow...about seven guys broke and started a chase. Soo in the field I was riding ok and the pace was tough, but things were going ok, and then the non drive crank loosened up and I was riding with one crank arm on my shoe but not the bike ,....lame ( it was a process of sense of movement to definite loose crank then off completely...) went to pit just before cut off and jumped in with like 7 to go. The front was easy to obtain and I held my spot pretty well but the laps began to take their toll and I was not as active to the front in the last three but I got thirtieth and last in the money which was cool since I have seen too many just out of the money results this year. Herculian riding on the part of the Muscle Langley and also fantaastic prime hunting Mr. Fader, for now see ya. ( i got 50 $ for 30th btw) OH right how did Russ fare ? He got third ...his incredible effort could only be topped by T.o. Solladay MT Khaki second place and the badass Luca Damiana on Colavitas uber powerhouse...( hope nothings misspelled..)but really! see ya..

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