Friday, March 6, 2009


About ten years ago I was telling my teammate Zach Browne that we needed to do some weekly time trialing in order to maintain some idea of our fitness and to record the data. I made a flyer with some cutouts and creativity ( thanx Eddy for your permission )Zach was sorta reluctant because he is the kinda guy who is always busy... He agreed though, thankfully, and actually showed up most of the time, at least initially. I figured the weekly training regimen did not need to be real long but that the hills would substitute nicely. ( MR. Browne was the guy I got to the front so he could do his amazing sprint ...unless a break got away and I would cover it ) the Ross Dr. loop came to mind because of its proximity and its available BBQ pits.
The burden of carrying chicken parts, water gallons, and beer was a minor drawback to bring about spectators and participants. ( friends make it memorable and provide so it can go on with a sense of it got fun..) The realization of how to actually get to know ones ability and to realize affective ways to overcome parts of the course through post conversation and/or simply doing it stronger became apparent. ( sorta like dude you have to use the big ring, on certain points and sections..)
It was just a training thing I never thought that it would still be around to this day and I am really happy that it draws people to the awesome outdoors that the Rock Creek provides. I remember one year where the messenger world championships came to DC and the crowd there filled a big field and I was soo stoked...I wanted to ride the course but instead showed out of towners the was awesome and I believe it was the largest presence that field has ever seen... Another excellent reason to leave the Dupont circle scene and venture into the woods. Right now there is a low no. of people who actually do the time trial though I believe the party, barBQ essence of it is still going strong and on any given( every other ) wednesday there will be someone to record your time on the RUFF NEWS loop. Instructions can be gotten on the loop which is about 5 miles. We had two loops back in the day for variety one was 5 miles another was 3.9 miles.


  1. chris..i've done intervals there on wednesday nights in the summer and scrooge sits on the picnic table drinking beer and bbq'ing. not fair.

  2. I tried emailing him but he did not respond ...typical scrooge I guess but I essentially wanted current info on the time trial and to see if he was still out there doing time keeping. I am not sure what you mean by not fair I guess since everything I posted was true. maybe its not fair that it is no longer a big competitive fitness oriented event and now simply a bbq. many people over the years have been the stop watch person. John Winslow..Leo Sefarlis..myself..

  3. If you double click on the printout or the flyer i made then u can see the leo pain and my enthusiasm...or just read my summary if you cant use a mouse. Leo is greek and his emotion shows ! cool guy.

  4. sometimes when posting on this blogger u have to press preview then try posting so it will prompt the right option to go forward to the finalization of the comment....lame but free service so what can you if one selection does not work try results of another... Chris