Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Be Yourself thats all you can do...the lyrics go that way... and of course its true.. but music brings life...life to power, and willingness to deal with pain. Desire results in Motivation. When you see an attack ( or hear it more ).. and you realize it seems strong.. so whats the choice ? wait for someone to choose to be themself or ...do you grab your testes?/ So is that your goal to hope to be dragged around... to the last lap...? ( if so it might pan out in the local fray but no way in the honest bigger class..)
Drafting another riders wheel is really what I am focusing on here. We all know the power in the local field and our own power to a degree also. It is important to feel your oats and test your drive. Say to yourself fuck the end game lets do the my game...maybe play the Audioslave tune in your head as you roll..( sometimes the end is the biggest problem as far as gettin the end game result ? )
So onto my next thought ...once you have the Audioslave mentallity on point ...lets go beyond the local little league and onto NRC where theres some speed consistently throughout. No 26 to 29 pace variation just plain frickin fast and no need to record what happened..just did you stay on ? So what are you listening to in your head ?....your heart ? Barry Mannilow ? or are you rockin like Dokken ( just a phrase ..hate Dokken) Like Audioslave ?) the real core of this article is the ability to really grab a draft and get in the tuck . Get it like its yours and dont say hey here you go to anyone..be yourself.


  1. Whats drafting Chris, you worked the pack like a mad man sunday. I tend to not think about music, except when I am going I will think hurt f--kers. Hahaha. I am probably hurting myself more but I would like to think I am hurting someone.

  2. Rambling scattered thoughts all jumbled..but I might try to clarify last post some..drafting is being behind another rider to reduce wind in you grill.