Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines day ten oclock

The last time I was out on a Saturday to ride I was a little too ambitious and I had already put in too many miles that week..So I went to do the seven oclock for the first time and also the ten oclock. It was a good workout..and it was also a humbling experience. I was done after Esworthy and after turning onto River rd. I went up halfway with the group and that was it for me. I drifted off and rode in. But of course there was yet another rider who was either dropped or simply suffered a mechanical who came through me and i jumped on...just to realize that it was only a matter of time till he was going to force me to fade off again. That is always fun. It does replicate racing in that you can sometimes claw back into a group or individual just to get dropped again. Well ...I have never really known what or how to describe racing and or training on days like these..which is pretty often. To say it is fun is to say it is fun to go to the dentists in my humble opinion. Somehow though there is a sense of satisfaction especially afterwards. Also maybe if fun can be synonymous with exhilerating and the thrill or endorphine rush of a sprint or a near catastrophe..( sometimes )well it is fun.
Cupids holiday was thankfully somewhat less difficult but still a good training ride. Only Jose of the Harley bunch was there and the ever present james Wagner in the yellow...also a guy I dont know the name of who sports a pro shop sponsorship jersey. ( he is the guy who came through after I was dropped a couple weeks earlier and said see ya ) There was a Jorje..( its George in english I think ) from the Artemis crew. Most of the regulars like the dude who has the belgian wool jersey( red white and blue ) A strong non racer. The usual appearance of Simon Walker and Steve Barrie after the halfway point ( onto River rd ) Justin Omalley was also along for the duration. Now that I have bored whoever is reading I will say it is nice to get into the park with the front and it is also ominous because I aware of all the players that were not present. This season seems as though it will be very fast and D20 is as good as any district to hone the criterium skills. Actually better then most . So I guess I should be gratefull for the everpresent available hammers to keep me in shape. THX Chris ( I will be working Sunday and sorta unhappy to miss the trade zone but I also like the idea of letting the frenzied first couple get sorted out and come in with some of that energy spent )

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