Saturday, February 21, 2009

demo and construction

I have a neighborhood client for whom I am providing a landscape change on the front of the house for now. I started and created a new mulch bed or two. I also proposed a much larger change that included trees, stone walls, and shrubs on which they agreed to. The next day they said their new idea was to focus on the back first and to start with the demolition of the current shed. the pre-existing shed was vine covered and failing as far as being watertight. the new one after some deliberating would be the same rather small 8' by 6' but with a gable roof as opposed to the slightly sloped flat roof the old one had. Also the materials would be vertical cedar siding and faux slate shingles. These materials are about as high end as possible. The entry also was to be a wooden multi paned door which could not be bought with a pre constructed frame thus adding to the labor hours and complexity. The entry design also included another smaller gable over the door for looks and more weather protection.the new storage spot would include a window which could be opened and of the double paned vacuum sealed variety.
I went at the old shed and demolished it in a day. The proposed time for the construction was put at a week. A roofer friend of mine said I was off right there and that it would probably be longer. I was hopefull and eager to have some work in February. After a week I was not done. The seventh day came and the door frame was giving me trouble.( in the photo the right side is not finished and therefore not symmetrical.. which if I get final photos up one can see its even ) I got it hung but the time on it alone was twice what i thought it would be. Eighth day and still just felt paper on the roof. The wood trim and soffits were also some detail work that put me behind schedule. Ninth day and the shingles were halfway done and projected time looking to be way off. Also the projected material costs were a lot higher then anticipated. At this point I was driven to get done and I did on day no. ten but the learning experience as far as using expensive wood and fancy tiles was invaluable. The door framing I also now will be more wary of. The client came in with around $5600 total costs and thats after I dropped a good piece of the extended labor costs in acknowledgement of my mistaken projections.
The client and I are moving forward with further plans as far as actual landscaping, but both parties will be more cautious as far as cost assesments. The shed is the best on the block though and I am proud of it. Considering it has been a while since the last construction job. I said I wanted to talk about the job some so there.
No racing going on right now but the ten oclock today was fast and I was satisfied with that performance, also. Immediate Mortgage was a presence today with maybe three or four members and similar amount of Team HD riders. good fun. :)

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