Monday, October 28, 2013

Scorpio Mentality

     I give all to my team when racing and I always appreciate the better rider on my team on any given day.   That being said,  there was a day when I felt seriously slanted and unappreciated by my teammates bc they said I was kicked off the team, at a little town in Delaware ( the capitol actually) So I made it my mission to prove that day they made a serious mistake.  I basically worked with all the other teams and made a serious problem for NCVC to get any progress at all.  In the last lap there was a guy up the road who me and my ex teammate could have easily caught if I wanted to help, but I simply rode his wheel , just desserts.  He was so pissed when he lost he tried to complain to the official.  I didnt gain any love from the group mentality of NCVC.  

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