Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Culmination

The dedication to a sport such as racing bicycles is a growing and somewhat elusive one to explain. Sure one can just ride their bike on nice days and only at decent temperatures. The rewards later on when races begin though will show and your own disappointment will knaw at yourself for not putting in the time. The pattern becomes apparent after some seasons and the balance is hopefully found between comfort with ones results and happiness on the other fronts of life. Such as having another life. Off the bike sort of fulfillment.
This predetermined course of mindset, the proper balance, is definitely aided by having a solid team to propel your riding. A solid team does develop ones individual talent, regardless of that persons age, by providing incentive, goals, and group support. There is monetary help. To be encouraged by many to get out and do some miles is support in the phisical department. The contagion of winning among a team can spread also to other riders of the same kit. These things are nice.
This structure is very different from one where the perks are rare and the rewards are always the same, regardless of output. Such as with government work. The culmination of your efforts are very visible in cycling. The congregation of talent on a particular team in a specific region is natural because of these dynamics. I am not mentioning specifics but outlining growth patterns. The bottom line here ?
I think it would be great for the sport if the area could produce a team that can really be a force on the big NRC circuit and any other events they come across. The limitation being a smaller budget as a regional powerhouse, but the team would then become a farm team for division three teams. In this sense age falls heavily into play.
An area farm team for the salary guys.
How could a hopefull contender in the area, not want to ride on a setup of that sort, which carries such potential ? Hate the game not the player ?

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