Monday, June 22, 2009

Wash. co. could not do

I was sorta on the fence and not sure bout wash county and I was confirmed by my indecision as the guy who would not be the crack of dawn when work issues were demanding and I was plain old run down somewhat. Sometimes when you dont decide, wel actually you have...or life has with the inexhorable rotation of the clock. Yes ,..the Restononian and the Poolesvillian are creeping up to us..again. Pave and Gravel. Classic stuff and the promise of pain...nice. At least some things in life are guarenteed. Soo no Murad results that I can find ...guess I rocked a twelth. Evan Fader went for the pre corner launch and went backward through the field and me and Ken Young got snagged behind him before the jump around was safe and secure blah blah long sprint and happy to get pretty close to top ten,..


  1. here's you doing a little better than 'close to top ten'.
    slideshow at 1 sec intervals rocks with this sequence. try it. just let it play endlessly until saturday and you should be good. :)

  2. I do appreciate the photo spread being provided...very nice to see that finish shot..5 yrs. ago Thx bro..( just click on Coach and there you go )

  3. Bummer you missed ToWc... we had some good results and some gooder Blizzards from Dairy Queen